The Golden Man by David Crawford

Golden Man_cover pages.jpgDr Devale Denton is focused on the injustice of the breakdown of his career and marriage. Mavis is working an old gold mine while her husband Clarry is working his way to the bottom of a bottle. A chance meeting picks up the unlikely trio and sweeps them along in a twisting turning journey amid the local criminal underbelly. Everyone wants to get their hands on The Golden Man, and many are prepared to kill whoever they need to along the way.

Career criminal Jack Sammalano is the puppet master arranging matters to his own advantage, kidnapping Mavis and embroiling Dr Denton in a dark world of deceit and blackmail.  As he drags more and more of his criminal and corrupt stakeholders into his dealings, violent power struggles and deadly grudges continually shift the balance of power.

David Crawford builds his story around his characters discovering their personal strengths and the power of friendship and shared interests. Dr Denton and Mavis must use compassion and empathy, as well as wit and bravery, to survive unimaginable danger.

Who will come out alive and who will walk away with the Golden Man?

Reviewed by Kate Somerville June 2015

Kensington Review

Available from Sid Harta Publishers

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