Beyond Tipping Point by Andrew Dyhin

Beyond Tipping PointReading Beyond Tipping Point is like diving into an investigative journalist’s Walkley Award-winning exposé on geo-political intrigue and corruption, about real life events occurring right now! Fast paced action, engaging characters and a tightly structured plot propel the reader to devour the what if ? scenario Andrew Dyhin presents and eagerly await a sequel.

This up-to-the-minute eco-thriller charts an action-packed course of twists and turns for central character and media mogul Timothy Wiley and his team, where business acumen and romance align in a brief window between uncertainty and opportunity. Wiley must act decisively to keep his ship and his company afloat as shadowy global political interests attempt to silence his efforts to explore unexplained catastrophic events occurring in the Southern Ocean.

The power of social media is more than fictional, and Dyhin creates a scenario where people power is pivotal to effect positive change on a global scale. But uneasiness behind the harnessing of this power is palpable–are we being manipulated by social media? Where does the real power to control the flow of information lie? Is a puppeteer pulling our strings?

Sabotage, murder sanctioned at state level, data deception and energy hijacking are not usually associated with discussion of global warming and climate change but Dyhin presents a fascinating alternative 2015 where a what if? parallel reality is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Guaranteed to make you think twice about the future of renewable energy and the inevitable power-plays of global interests.

Reviewed by Chris McGuigan July 2015

Kensington Review

Available from Sid Harta Publishers

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