A Secret Life by Frank Spencer

Secret Life_A_cover_lower resA Secret Life explores the fictional life journey of Richard Sinclair. Sinclair has led an interesting life, taking every opportunity offered and learning incredible life skills along the way. Inspired as a young boy by a cousin who had served in World War II, he played war games, leading his school mates in spirited battles. His enthusiasm for life led him to take up swimming, judo, and kayaking, and he joined the army cadets at school as soon as he was old enough.

Sinclair’s life journey takes him through times of joy and success as well as profound sadness and vulnerability. Although he may not realise it, even through the dark times as Sinclair works to overcome loss and find new hope he is still learning new skills that will serve him in the future.

When life takes a turn for the better, old friends make their way back into Sinclair’s life. Through his professional success, he stumbles into a dangerous and tightly woven nest of crime and corruption, making more than one enemy. Sinclair must draw on all the skills he has built over his lifetime, and work with old friends and new to save his own life and protect his loved ones.

A Secret Life offers an engaging tale of one man using the culmination of his extraordinary life skills and the power of friendship and love to take on the biggest battles of all.

Reviewed by Kate Somerville July 2015

Kensington Review

Available from Sid Harta Publishers http://sidharta.com/au/

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